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PODCAST: R.I.P. Monarcas Morelia

Antonio and Nes are joined by Brian Bertie, a Monarcas Morelia expert, to reminisce over the fallen club.

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Fans Of Monarcas Protest Against Team Moving To Sinaloa
Fans of Mexican soccer team Monarcas de Morelia protest with flags against the decision of the team owner to move to Mazatlan, Sinaloa on May 31, 2020 in Morelia, Mexico.
Photo by Jam Media/Getty Images

After just a few weeks of rumors stirring and fans protesting, two days before the club’s 70th anniversary, Monarcas Morelia officially faded into obscurity on June 2.

The club was relocated by its owner, TV Azteca and Grupo Salinas, to Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The actual move shocked the Liga MX world and left the soccer-loving population in Michoacan, as well as all other Monarcas fans around the world, with no club to follow.

Nes and Antonio were joined on the pod by Brian Bertie, a native Peruvian living in Canada who was the online voice for Monarcas in English on Twitter.

Get to know a little more about Brian on the pod, why he began the Monarcas English twitter account, and drown in nostalgia as the guys discuss Monarcas’ top three moments in their history with audio clips. Also, find out who in #ligamxeng is responsible for starting the Mazatlan FC English Twitter page.

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