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Bold Predictions: Guard1anes 2020 Week 2

With Toluca and Querétaro in the run for last place in the league, Monterrey faces a more than difficult challenge in Estadio León

A giant flag of Leon is seen during the final second leg match between Leon and Tigres UANL as part of the Torneo Clausura 2019 Liga MX at Leon Stadium on May 26, 2019 in Leon, Mexico. Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

With the first week finally in the books after the multiple postponing of matches, things shaped up pretty much the way we expected. The surprise of the week if any, was Puebla’s victory in Mazatlán, in what was their first league match in franchise history. While it was a possibility Puebla could come away with the three points, never was there a three-goal difference score anywhere on the table.

That brings us to Week 2 which begins tomorrow night at 8:30 ET (7:30 CT) in Estadio Cuauhtémoc, with Puebla hosting troubled Cruz Azul. And I don’t mean troubled on the field, but more like legally. With the recent findings involving “Billy” Álvarez in shady business, Cruz Azul’s future is said to be in doubt, with rumors of a possible disaffiliation taking place. I ultimately can’t see this happening, at least not to a team with the grandeur of Cruz Azul. What could end up going down is Álvarez being forced to leave the club, as well as a big fine for the club. But I truthfully can’t see anything going beyond that.

With that said, we give way to our Week 2 BOLD PREDICTIONS:

  • Atlético San Luis get first win of season on the road. Head coach “Memo” Vázquez runs too tight a ship to be defeated by such a lazy and lackluster team like “Chepo” de la Torre’s Toluca. After seeing both team’s performances in Week 1, I believe Atlético San Luis still have a ways to go before they completely solidify and play to Vázquez’s orderly fashion. But they are still miles ahead of what Toluca has shown to this point. In what will be an undoubtedly difficult matchup on the road, I believe San Luis will pull away with the three points against one of the worst versions we’ve seen of Toluca in quite a while.
  • Mazatlán will win in La Corregidora, clinching first win in franchise history. Mazatlán was awful in Week 1 vs. Puebla. Querétaro amazingly showed signs of life vs. a self-destructing Pumas who did everything they could to hand Gallos the game and still came away with the win. In the end, no matter how awful Mazatlán have looked thus far, they still have First Division players. Querétaro have reloaded with mostly Second Division players. For that reason, I believe talent and ability will slowly start to set in as the season moves along, with teams getting more rhythm and in better shape. The excitement of playing their first game in Liga MX for the new Gallos players has passed, and now talent will begin to speak on the field. Mazatlán should be on the winning side in this one.
  • Rayados lose in León. In what ended up as a very enjoyable match last weekend, “Nacho” Ambriz and his squad were unable to break the deadlock in Guadalajara, where León proved clearly superior in a game they should’ve won vs. Chivas to start off the season. After letting many failed opportunities to take the lead last week, Ambriz’s strikers are hungry to get on the scoreboard, especially after all the success they’ve had in the past year and half. Despite Rayados having won two out of the past three league matches in León, expect the home team to come firing right out of the gate. They should get on the board quickly and I don’t expect them to look back after that. Look for León to defeat current champs Monterrey.