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Toluca announces seven positive COVID-19 results after complete team testing

The announcement is the highest number of positive results since Santos Laguna’s eight

Mexican Soccer Stadiums Remain Empty Due To Coronavirus Photo by Angel Castillo/Jam Media/Getty Images

Club Deportivo Toluca announced complete testing for the novel coronavirus to people in the organization that resulted in seven positive tests for COVID-19. The testing was done to 70 employees, including players and staff, with all seven results being asymptomatic. Mexico is in the middle of the COVID-19 Emergency, with the highest daily death rates showing up this past week. Toluca joins an expanding list of teams with positive cases after COVID-19 testing started.

The COVID-19 Emergency has hit football worldwide, and Mexico been one of the most notable. Because of COVID-19, Liga MX announced the cancellation of the 2020 Clausura tournament. The tournament had been stopped on March 16th in the middle of the season. While most fans expected the tournament to finish, the owners decided that conditions weren’t safe enough to continue. A lot of this could have been because of news that Santos Laguna had eight players test positive for COVID-19 the same week that they held their meeting to see if the tournament was going to be cancelled, which was the decision they would take. Since the Santos results, a couple of teams had announced positive results, but they were mostly few cases. Teams like Pumas, Chivas, Cruz Azul and Leon all announced positive tests for COVID-19 but at most they were two cases at each club. Today’s news about Toluca mean the biggest jump in results since the Santos Laguna testing. The high number might make teams nervous of the possible start the 2020 Apertura season, which the League plans to have it in July although no date has been set.