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PODCAST: The End of Pro/Rel?

This time the boys were joined by fellow FMFSOM writer Eugene Rupinski to debate the end of pro/rel and the sporting relationship between MLS and Liga MX.

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Mexican Football Federation Press Conference
Enrique Bonilla, President of Liga MX, speaks during a press conference of the Mexican Football Federation
Photo by Angel Castillo/UJam Media/Getty Images

It would be an understatement to say a lot has changed in Liga MX during the lengthy pandemic-born offseason.

The 2020 Clausura tournament was cut short, officially canceled, and so was promotion/relegation in Mexico for five years.

Or, at least, that was the initial story. Now, it seems like promotion will be back after one year. The second division is also getting a huge remodel; apparently it will an U-23 league (we think).

A lot is up in the air, but what we know for sure is that big changes are here and incoming for Liga MX. The decision to stop pro/rel in Mexico was unpopular (to keep it polite) with fans and players in Mexico, and the MLS-Liga MX joint-league murmurs returned to the forefront as it seems like Liga MX really wants to be more like its northern neighbor.

There are pros to everything going on right now as well as cons. That’s why this time Antonio and Nestor are joined by Eugene Rupinski, fellow FMFSOM writer, to debate these topics.

Is pro/rel being suspended good for the league? Should Liga MX strive to be more like MLS and continue its sporting relationship? Is multi-ownership killing the league? Find out our thoughts by listening to the pod.

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