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Monarcas Morelia officially announce move to Mazatlan

Rumors that Morelia was moving to the city in the state of Sinaloa starting next tournament have become a reality

New Morelia’s Stadium Under Construction Photo by Jam Media/Getty Images

Monarcas Morelia officially announced that they started the moving process to the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa and their new stadium. The rumors had been strong before and led to outcry from fans and people in Mexican football, but it wasn’t enough for TV Azteca and owner Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who announced the move in a letter which hyped the city of Mazatlan and barely mentioned the city of Morelia which they are leaving. Monarcas will be playing in Mazatlan, but there is no word yet on the name change although rumors are strong that it will be Mazatlan FC.

With a great new stadium built in the city of Mazatlan and the governor of the state of Sinaloa saying that he was bringing football to town, rumors started stirring about who was going to be the team to move to the city. The rumors were strong that it was Puebla but it later proved to be Morelia. The move of this historic team has led to much criticism and even fan demonstrations in the city of Morelia right in the middle of the COVID 19 emergency. The pressure against it was strong, and even when there were rumors of a group of businessmen in the city trying to keep the team, the talk of the move continued. This increased after there were trucks in Morelia’s stadium preparing for the possible move. All the talks finally ended when Morelia released a letter that officialized the move to Mazatlan. While the rumors were strong that the new team would be named the “Delfines de Mazatlan” (Dolphins of Mazatlan), now the reports are that the name will be Mazatlan FC.

There is no word yet of what will happen with Morelia and if there will be another team in there. A similiar thing happened to San Luis Potosi and although the club Real San Luis ended, they now have the Atletico San Luis. There were rumors that the name of the old club, the “Ates de Morelia” was going to start by playing in the new Liga de Balompie Mexicano. The league already announced the addition of a team in Veracruz but are yet to announce if that team might bring football back to that venue. Chances are this isn’t the end of football in the city of Morelia but it still a pretty big hit to the city and the fans.