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Liga MX and Liga MX Femenil announce cancellation of the 2020 Clausura

No team will be crowned champion, and there is still no date for the start of the Apertura 2020 season.

Mexican Soccer Stadiums Remain Empty Due To Coronavirus Photo by Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images

After an emergency meeting between club owners, Liga MX has announced the cancellation of the 2020 Clausura season because of the COVID-19 emergency. Liga MX also announced the cancellation of the Liga MX Femenil 2020 Clausura season. No champions will be crowned, and both tournaments will be voided. Mexico is currently at the highest peak of cases in the Coronavirus pandemic, with the government increasing the the mandatory quarantine until June 15, as Mexico soared to the top 10 list of fatalities from COVID-19 this week. Things were even more complicated after it came out that 8 Santos players had tested positive, which then increased to 12 a day later.

Liga MX announced other resolutions around the cancellation of the season as well. There will be no champion, so points leader Cruz Azul wasn’t given the title. This isn’t surprising, as they had only a one point lead and almost half the tournament hadn’t been played. Even with no title being awarded, Cruz Azul and Leon will be the two teams chosen to play the CONCACAF Champions league, joining Monterrey and America in the 2020-2021 tournament. Cruz Azul and Leon were in first and second place respectively when play stopped.

Liga MX also announced that clubs will have to wait until June to know when they can start practicing again for the start of the 2020 Apertura season. They will also have to comply to a very strict sanitary regiment to be able to start practice again. Liga MX and the Secretary of Health together will plan the starting date to the 2020 Apertura season, and it will be played without fans in the stands until it’s safe. It appers fans returning to the stadium to watch their team plays is the most complicated thing, and thus will probably be the farthest out, with rumors that it might not happen until 2021. Liga MX will continue to monitor as it seems they are in a tough situation with a lot of unknowns still.