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Ramon Morales to become head coach of Mexican National Team of the Liga de Balompie Mexicana.

The National team of the LMP will try to be a part of the CONIFA federation.

Chivas Training Session

Ex-Chivas and Mexican National team player Ramon Morales has been named as coach of the Mexican National team put forth by the new Liga de Balompie Mexicano (LBM). Morales had been a head coach with Cobras in Ascenso and the youth teams of Chivas for years, even being an interim coach with Chivas in 2015. The new Liga de Balompie Mexicano also took the opportunity to announce the news that they were going to be having a Mexican National Football team and would try to play in the CONIFA (Confederation of Independent Football Associations) which is an organization of Independent States, although this would be the first team to be from a country that has FIFA representation.

The Liga de Balompie Mexicano is a new league of football which organizers hope will rival the Liga MX, Since the players will not be part of the FIFA sanctioned FMF, they will not be called up by the official National Team and thus have decided to play in the CONIFA. The organization is filled with organizations from places that aren’t considered countries by the international organizations. Members include Quebec, Abkhazia, Occitania, Tibet, Crimea, South Ossetia, Zanzibar, Durfan, and Rapa Nui. There are also territories like Greenland and Western Sahara. Finally there are recognized countries that just aren’t FIFA members like Monaco, Tuvalu, and Kiribati. Mexico would however be the first member in which is already a fully sanctioned member in FIFA, which could be an impediment to be accepted into the CONIFA and be able to play in their tournaments. Should it happen, Ramon Morales would be in charge of it as head coach, joining other Chivas veterans like Carlos Salcido and Ramon Ramirez in the administration of the new league.