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Chivas legend and Chicharito’s grandfather Tomas Balcazar has passed away.

The Chivas legend played in the 1954 World Cup and scored against France, just as his grandchild would do in 2010.

Tomas Balcazar (1931-2020)
via @TudnRadio

Chivas legend and Mexican International Tomas Balcazar passed away on Sunday. Balcazar was part of the legendary Chivas team of “el Campeonisimo” at the start and went to the 1954 World Cup. He later achieved fame as he was the maternal grandfather of Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. The press of the world paid attention to how Balcazar had scored against France in the 1954 World Cup, and that his grandson also scored a goal against France in the 2010 World Cup.

Tomas Balcazar was born in Guadalajara in 1931, the city where he would have his career in football. After an amateur career, he would join Chivas as a pro in 1948. A forward, he would be with Chivas until his retirement in 1958. With Chivas he would win both a league title and a Copa MX in 1957, in what was the start of the Chivas “Campeonisimo” team which would win seven league titles from 1956 until 1965. After retiring, Balcazar would become an assistant coach in the Campeonisimo under legendary coach Javier de la Torre.

Balcazar would be part of the Mexican National team in the 1954 World Cup. He was a key part of the qualification to the competition, especially his hat trick against Haiti. In the World Cup, Mexico would lose both games although they would give a good effort against France. Mexico would lose the game by a score of 3-2, but Balcazar scored one of the goals. for Mexico

Later on, Balcazar’s daughter married footballer Javier Hernandez. Hernandez was a key player with various teams like UAG and made the 1986 World Cup. Later their son and Balcazar’s grandchild, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, would become a Mexican Football legend. Chicharito would make the 2010 World Cup team where Mexico also faced France. A lot of press, including the French press. covered how Hernandez’s grandfather had scored against France and that there would be the possibility of that happening again. Hernandez went on to open the score as Mexico beat France 2-0, being the first time Mexico defeated a team that had won a World Cup title before in a World Cup. It was Chicharito’s first World Cup goal, and he would later tie Luis Hernandez as the biggest goalscorer in World Cups with four after playing in the 2014 and 2018 editions too.

Balcazar was a Chivas legend, and his death is a big hit to football in Guadalajara. May he rest in peace.