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FMF officially ends Ascenso MX, creates developmental league

Relegation would end for six seasons as the new league consolidates itself.

Mexican Football Federation Press Conference Photo by Angel Castillo/UJam Media/Getty Images

The Mexican Football Federation (FMF) announced that they were ending relegation for six seasons. To not end the second division Ascenso MX a developmental league is being created in which all 12 Ascenso teams could participate, along with five teams that aren’t currently in Ascenso and three teams from Liga Premier, Mexico’s third division. They also announced 60 million pesos to be given to the 12 Ascenso teams for the COVID-19 emergency, while they would be given 240 million pesos each year. Those funds would come from new fines to the teams that finished in the last three places of the “relegation” table. The fines would come out this way:

  • Liga MX last place fine - 120 million Pesos
  • Liga MX last place runner up - 70 million Pesos
  • Liga MX last place second runner up - 50 million Pesos

While many things were left off the table, the main thing left out was the new rules of the developmental league, specifically if there is going to be an age limit to the new league. This rule will determine if potentially hundreds of Ascenso MX players will be out of a job or if they would be allowed to continue playing. With the rumored disappearance of the Ascenso, the League will try to sell this as saving that league when the lack of promotion and relegation means that the problems will continue and the allowance given by Liga MX teams would not be as big a boost as giving a chance of going up to first division. Liga MX President Enrique Bonilla and Grupo Orlegi’s Alejandro Irarragorri have been described as the faces of the decision to many fans, and it doesn’t seem that will change anytime soon as the decision has received condemnation from the majority of fans and people working in Mexican football.