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Ramon Ramirez becomes new Athletic Director for Ensenada FC in LBM

The Tepic native will try to make Ensenada FC the first ever champion of the Liga de Balompié Mexicano

Ramon Ramirez of Chivas Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Chivas and Mexico National team great Ramón Ramírez just made headlines yesterday. And I’m not inclined to think Liga MX is too happy about it. Ramírez just announced hours ago on his official twitter feed, “With seriousness and responsibility I have just been incorporated as Athletic Director to the professional Club @Ensenada_FC of the First Division of the League @SomosBalompie…”

And he doesn’t mean Liga MX. Ramírez refers to the new Liga de Balompié Mexicano, which is set to debut in September of 2020, and has objectives such as to be a truly independent league, as well as to be made up of three division levels at some point. It is still very much a work in progress and in its initial stages. There aren’t many details concerning the league just yet, but we should expect them shortly as its opening date approaches, such as the official list of certified teams, like Ensenada FC. But if anything, the league appears to have learned a little of what not to do from Liga MX.

And as proof, here is what Victor Manuel Montiel had to say about the club affiliation requisites in an interview with ESPN: “They are required to be well constituted, legally, registered before Secretaría de Hacienda, that all their income traces back from a good source. In the end, we have a department that supervises no money laundering”. Can’t get any simpler than that. They are looking for teams to have serious investors with the financial solvency to be able to carry on a project like this. Why Liga MX hasn’t long ago made sure of these indispensables remains a mystery.

Soccer - World Cup Qualifier - USA v Mexico Photo by Neal Simpson/EMPICS via Getty Images

He also stated that they are very near to closing a deal with an unmentioned network interested in broadcasting the league’s games, so when it comes to having an audience, that shouldn’t be a problem either.

We still don’t know what caliber players teams will have or what level of play this league can truly reach. What is certain is that year after year we have questioned decisions made by Liga MX front office and the unclear direction it is headed in, with no other professional alternative league. Could LBM ever become a true competitor to Liga MX? Not at first, of that much we’re sure, as they plan on putting a salary cap in place as we see in the NFL and NBA. What determined amount that cap would be also remains to be confirmed, but surely not close to that of Liga MX teams, at least at first.

But the fact that an important figure such as Ramón Ramírez has come on board indeed sends a resounding message about what this new league plans to accomplish that not many seem to be paying attention to. We all know the power that historic players have on influencing other players of joining them. It will be interesting to see what the Tepic native brings to the table of Ensenada FC, as well as what other dominos and big headlines start to fall. More details to come on this new league as things begin to transpire.