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Liga de Balompie Mexicano makes call to Ascenso players who might be out of a job.

The new league opened its doors to Ascenso players who have no contract.

Tampico Madero Futbol Club v Atlante FC Football Match
Atlante and Tampico Madero are 2 Ascenso teams who are now in limbo.
Photo by Eyepix/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Liga de Balompie Mexicana, a new league set to start this year, has opened the door to the Ascenso players who might be out of a job because of the possible end of the league. Antonio Garcia Rojas, one of the founders, announced that the league will be possibility for players who lose their job as long as they don’t have a valid contract and are available on a free transfer so as not to have a legal problem. The Liga de Balompie Mexicana (LBM) is set to start this year and will be totally independent from Liga MX, something that had given to rumors that people who participate may be blackballed from Liga MX.

The LBM had announced they were going to start operation this year, but the COVID-19 emergency had put plans on hold. Still they are going to be a new league with a couple of teams announced like Ensenada FC. The teams has already announced ex-Mexican international Ramon Ramirez as their sports director. Still the lack of cooperation with Liga MX might mean that it will turn into a NASL or USL type league, and calling for players from Ascenso that will be left without a club is another step towards this direction. It is still a marketing coup, especially after the incredible backlash the news of the possible end to the Ascenso from fans towards Liga MX President Enrique Bonilla, as well as other people rumored to be behind this like Orlegi Sports head Alejandro Irarragorri. The news is still developing, and the fact Garcia Rojas mentioned that players must not be under contract most likely means they will be careful in giving out the spots so as not to have trouble with FIFA or the TAS (Tribunal Arbitral du Sport), which is the International Sports Court.