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Leon honors Mexican gaming legend Gus Rodriguez who died on Friday.

The club called on Liga MX to have a minute of silence before their eLigaMx games.

Gustavo “Gus” Rodriguez (1960-2020)
via @MxNintendo

As the eLigamx series started on Friday, the Mexican video game community suffered a huge loss when the news came that Gus Rodriguez, pioneer of video games in Mexico, passed away on Friday. Rodriguez had started the first gaming magazine in Mexico called Club Nintendo and then headed a show called Nintendomania, which was the first of its kind on Mexican television. There has been no cause of death released yet, and although Rodriguez didn’t go into much details of it when he announced the news last year, it was known that he was suffering from a disease of the lungs. Because of the news, Club Leon had honored Rodriguez with a tweet in which they proposed a minute of silence in all eLiga MX games.

Gustavo “Gus” Rodriguez was TV writer who worked a long time with famous Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez, in his shows like Derbez En Cuando, XHDerbez and La Familia Peluche. As a gaming fan and noticing there were no video games news industry, he decided to bring the concept of Nintendo Power to Mexico with the magazine Club Nintendo, which was as key to gamers in Mexico as Nintendo Power was to the US. Then in 1995 he created the show NintendoMania, the first of its kind in Mexico. Rodriguez thus became the head of the video game community in Mexico and came back to TV when Televisa decided to make a network for video games called Bitme in 2019.

As honors came in through twitter, it’s clear that Gus Rodriguez was the face of Mexican video games for years and a pioneer. As eLigaMx starts, Club Leon knows this and does a great proposal as the FMF grabs the idea of video games to substitute the lack of football. Hopefully the pay attention to them and honor the man who was key in growing video game fanfare in Mexico.