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Mexico announces cancellation of their friendly against Colombia

The match was set to be played on May 30th in Denver

Colombia v Mexico Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Mexico announced that their friendly against Colombia set to be played on May 30th is cancelled because of the COVID-19 worldwide emergency. This will be the third friendly cancelled by Mexico because of the COVID-19 virus, with the March 26th and 29th friendlies against Czech Republic and Greece also getting cancelled. According to the announcement, both federations would try to play on a future date but this isn’t clear at all especially since there is no time frame for a return to football, which means there is even less of an idea of how the FIFA calendar will turn out after the COVID-19 emergency. CONMEBOL’s 2022 World Cup qualification was set to start this week but the COVID-19 emergency postponed the start of that as well.

The cancellation of this friendly is no surprise. Whether the emergency would still be going on or not on May 30th, the cancellation of the game was to be expected. The first notable thing was the fact that the friendly was set up by Colombia to prepare itself for the 2020 Copa America, but the tournament has now been postponed until 2021. The more probable scenario is that because of the stoppage of all club football, every league would be pushed up and there would be no time for it to be held, as the friendly was set to be played after the end of most leagues. The worst case scenario would be that the COVID-19 emergency could still be going on by the date of the friendly. Because of all those scenarios, it was almost a guarantee that the game would not take place and today it was made official. No word yet of a probable make up date for it since the COVID-19 emergency will now make the calendar extremely congested for both countries, with FIFA dates expected to be filled with World Cup qualification for the 2022 World Cup.