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PODCAST: Chivas Toxicity and Chicharito Problems

This week’s episode is sponsored by mail-in ballots, counting, toxic environments and bald life coaches.

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Chivas v Atletico San Luis - Torneo Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

It’s been a loooongggg week, and at the time of recording this podcast, we didn’t really have a leader in this country. Well, you could argue we haven’t had one in four years.

But that’s OVER because Antonio and Nes are here to lead you around the hot topics in Liga MX and Mexican soccer this week.

We don’t really get into politics on this show, but the 2020 Election was historic for many reasons, and it affects every single one of us, so we had to share a couple thoughts from this roller coaster of a week.

After a few minutes, though, we get into the nitty gritty. As many know by now, Chivas midfielder Dieter Villalpando (29) was charged with sexual assault by a woman at a party and was dismissed from Chivas for good. This came hours before reports that Javier Chofis Lopez, Jose Juan Gallito Vazquez and Alexis Peña were also transfer listed for indiscipline. Although unconfirmed by the club, the three are believed to be connected to Villalpando’s situation somehow.

We talk about what the hell is going on in the Chivas locker room when it comes to indiscipline, and after we talk about Chicharito’s struggles with LA Galaxy on the field as well as the rumors surrounding his family and his lifestyle coach, Diego Dreyfus, as of late.

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