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Ulises Davila joins Wellington Phoenix after failed trial at Chivas

The U-20 youth star last played in India for Delhi Dynamos after failing in his quest for a European club career

Wellington Phoenix Media Announcement Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Ulises Davila has joined New Zealand team Wellington Phoenix after failing to convince coach Tomas Boy at Chivas, team where he was on trial during the last few weeks. While Wellington Phoenix is in New Zealand, it competes in the Australian A-League. Davila last played in India for Delhi Dynamos. Davila had been the offensive standout from the 2011 Mexican U-20 team that finished in third-place in the tournament. He then proceeded to sign with Chelsea but never made the first team and was continuously loaned out to European clubs, failing to ever make a meaningful impact in any of them.

Ulises Davila was a Chivas product that had many Mexicans fans excited after a great campaign in the 2011 U-20 World Cup. Still the move to Chelsea and his loan spells failed to make an impact. His greatest spell was in Cordoba FC, where his historic goal in the second leg gave the club promotion to Spain’s La Liga. Unfortunately, he didn’t join the team on their move to First Division and instead was loaned out to Tenerife in the Second Division.

Davila’s career in Europe continued to flounder until he returned to Mexico, but not for his old club Chivas but with Santos. Although he had some moments with the team, he never got established enough and contractual problems put and en to his career in Torreon before going to India. The latest failure to get a job with Chivas and the move to Australia is a better move than going to India but it puts him far from the expected career he and many other foresaw.