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Watch: Cat invades the field during Leagues Cup match

A cat invaded the field during Wednesday’s Leagues Cup match at Rio Tinto Stadium between Real Salt Lake and Tigres.

The match ended 1-0 in favor of Tigres, but it was another type of “Felino” that stole the show. In the 91st minute, a cat ran the field in the middle of an Andre-Pierre Gignac breakaway, luckily stepping out of the way at the precise moment the big 185-pound Frenchman was getting in its way.

No word yet on what exactly happened to the cat afterwards, but strangely enough, the Rio Tinto Stadium grounds crew had mentioned something about cats a few days earlier.

This isn’t the first time something weird like this happens at the Rio Tinto Stadium. Just last year, a game between Real Salt Lake and the Los Angeles Galaxy had to be momentarily stopped because of a duck. The duck was then later released outside the stadium grounds.