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Queretaro and Chivas both struggle in scoreless draw

The 0-0 tie is a bad result for a Chivas team that next week will face their biggest rival America twice

Santos Laguna v Chivas - Torneo Clausura 2019 Liga MX Photo by Manuel Guadarrama/Getty Images

Chivas wasted a great opportunity to get an away win, as they dominated Queretaro but failed to score and will now be filled with uncertainty before they face their biggest rival America twice next week. Chivas had the majority of the possession but failed to show much offensive spark, in a game in which they couldn’t create much chances against a Queretaro team that looked to be fine with a draw even when they were the home team. Chivas will now face their big rivals America in their first match of two in Mexico City for the Copa MX.

The first half had Chivas dominating most of the play but not creating as much dangerous opportunities for all their dominance. The game was pretty even until Queretaro’s Diego Novaretti headed a Chivas free kick into his own post, almost making an own goal.

Chivas continued to dominate, but it wasn’t until the middle of the first half when they had their first truly dangerous play when a Dieter Villalpando long range shot got saved by Queretaro’s goalkeeper Nicolas Navarro. Chivas had another great opportunity saved moments later when a header got deflected by a Queretaro defender.

However, their best chance in the first half came when forward Alexis Vega almost had a 1 vs 1 with the keeper, but Navarro was able to stop his shot. In the end, outside of a shot that was almost a deflected easily by Raul Gudiño, all the dangerous shots in the first half were by Chivas.

Chivas started early on in the second half when Alan Pulido had a near range shot saved by Navarro.

Queretaro’s best opportunity so far in the game came when a Marcel Ruiz shot forced Gudiño to make a good save. In the ensuing corner kick, Ake Loba came close to scoring too.

Chivas had a great opportunity with Pulido, but a Queretaro defender slid in to clear it. Indeed, Chivas continued to dominate, although their opportunities were mostly cleared into corner kicks, where Chivas showed terrible offensive ideas in every single one of them.

It wasn’t until minute 87th when Chivas finally had a clear opportunity that Jair Pereira failed to convert and skied it.

Queretaro looked to have a penalty call for them but instead the ref gave a yellow card to Daniel Villalba for diving. Replays showed that he was brought down and it looked to be the wrong call.

In the final minutes, Ronaldo Cisneros had a chance but he hit it straight to the keeper and the game finished without a goal.

The draw was a bad result for Chivas. Even when they were away, Chivas looked to be the favorite and the amount of possession they had meant it was a wasted opportunity. Now they will face America thinking that they could have even lost against the Gallos Blancos. Above all, Chivas should be worried that the strike partnership of Alexis Vega and Alan Pulido looked to be toothless for most of the game (as well as past games), and even worse, that the subs continue doing even worse. Gael Sandoval and Luis Madrigal came on and showed why they aren’t starting.

Meanwhile, Queretaro could be happier for their result with the struggles they have had. Still, as a home team to play for the draw, it’s a sad sight for many fans. Queretaro will now have a tough match on Saturday as they travel to Monterrey to face Tigres.