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Santos Laguna tournament opens to players with disabilities

For the first time in its nine year history, the Copa Santos Peñoles will feature athletes with disabilities

Santos Laguna press release

Santos Laguna has long been known for their commitment to service and charity, and they’re looking to promote “positive social change on a local, national, and international level” by announcing the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the upcoming Copa Santos Peñoles tournament.

The 2019 tournament will be open to athletes aged 8 to 25 who fall into four categories:

  • Persons with Down Syndrome
  • Persons with intellectual disabilities combined with motor impairments
  • Persons with intellectual disabilities combined with hearing impairments
  • Persons with an IQ of less than 75.

Also according to a press release from the club, “Teams are allowed a minimum of five players and a maximum of seven, and will be pre-assessed according to a methodology used by the Special Olympics to assure accurate placement.” Santos’ charitable arm Guerreros de Corazón is partnering with Todo Vien, which is described as “a social marketing company specializing in the positioning of brands committed to generating a positive impact in society, working to unite companies, media and influential opinion leaders with actions that promote positive and influential social and environmental change.“

This is the ninth year the club has hosted this competition, and Copa Santos Peñoles is more than just a charitable exercise. Three teams from Colombia and two from Ecuador are participating this year in addition to local teams. No teams based in the United States have signed up to participate so far, however the Houston Dynamo have participated in years past.

Scouts will also be in attendance, keeping a watchful eye out for talent. Current goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo was discovered in the Copa Santos Peñoles and signed to the Fuerzas Basicas, working his way through the ranks and into the first team.