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Mexico arrive in Argentina and announce final tour of games before U17 World Cup.

Mexico will be playing friendlies against Argentina, New Zealand and Canada before leaving for Brazil.

Mexico last defeated Pachuca’s U17 team by a score of 6-2
via @miseleccionmx

Mexico’s U17 team arrived in Argentina to start their last tour of games before going to Brazil to participate in the U17 World Cup. Mexico announced they will be playing three friendlies in Argentina. Mexico will be playing the home nation of Argentina on October 13th in their first, and possibly toughest, friendly of their final tour. Then on October 16th they will be playing their second friendly, this time against New Zealand. Finally they will close out their pre World Cup campaign with a game against Canada on October 19th. All friendlies will be played in Buenos Aires.

Mexico’s tour in Argentina looks to be adequate for the team. The toughest game should be against Argentina. Not only are they the home nation, but they are the current South American champions after winning Conmebol’s U17 Championship. New Zealand and Canada are interesting in that both countries are drawn in the same group. New Zealand is coming in as the current champions of Oceania but it’s the weakest conference in football. Meanwhile though Canada is a fellow CONCACAF nation, it’s the only one that qualified to the World Cup which Mexico didn’t face in the U17 CONCACAF Championship. Canada qualified to the World Cup after beating Costa Rica in penalties. They then faced the United States in the semifinals were they bowed out of the tournament. Mexico will then travel to Brasilia on October 20th, where they will have their base, before making their debut in the World Cup on October 28th.