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FMF announces sanctions after Atletico San Luis and Queretaro hooligan fights

The match between Atletico San Luis and Queretaro had to be stopped because of crowd violence.

Atletico San Luis v Queretaro - Torneo Apertura 2019 Liga MX Photo by Cesar Gomez/Jam Media/Getty Images

The FMF has announced the sanctions to both Atletico San Luis and Queretaro after their last match had to be abandoned because of fights in the crowds between Queretaro’s and San Luis’ supporters groups. Both “porras” fought, which caused the poorly trained security to allow fans to enter the field. Thus Sunday’s game played in San Luis’ Alfonso Lastras Stadium ended prematurely with Queretaro leading by a 2-0 score. Today the FMF announced that the Alfonso Lastras Stadium will have a two game ban, meaning that San Luis would have to play in an empty Alfonso Lastras or move the games to another venue. They also banned their porra (supporter’s group) for the rest of the season for all games including Liguilla games. Queretaro meanwhile also got their supporters group banned for all games. Both teams were fined 6,000 UMA’s (Unidad de Medida de Actualizacion).

With the two game ban, if Atletico San Luis doesn’t qualify to the Liguilla, they would have played their last home game of the Apertura 2019 at home in front of a crowd. The news is also big as their next home game was against America, the most popular team they would have faced at home (their game against Chivas was an away match in Guadalajara). Meanwhile for Queretaro, it would be a major move not to have their supporter club for their actions, although this is a tougher thing to carry out as individual supporters can still go to the games and it’s just meant that they would not enter as a group and that the club can’t make any arrangements for them either at home or away. The match also ended at 2-0 and the last minutes won’t be replayed, so Queretaro got the three points.