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Chivas held to 1-1 draw with Querétaro

Chivas v Queretaro - Torneo Apertura 2018 Liga MX

In a game riddled with refereeing mistakes, Chivas Guadalajara stumbled to a 1-1 draw with Querétaro on Sunday at the Estadio Chivas.

The hosts started the match faster and came close to taking the lead early in the game when Angel Zaldivar floated a header just wide of Tiago Volpi’s goal.

But the Rebaño’s most dangerous first half chances didn’t arrive until the 37th minute. A cross from Josecarlos Van Rankin on the right-hand side ended with two opportunities to convert from inside the box, only for Volpi to hang on to the ball and keep the game scoreless at the break.

Just 11 minutes after the interval, Fernando Beltran missed a 1 v 1 situation with Tiago Volpi before captain Jair Pereira failed to score one of the match’s clearest opportunities of the game moments later.

In the 63rd minute, we had our first questionable refereeing decision of the match when an offside was called for what appeared to be a legitimate Gael Sandoval goal.

Then 20 minutes later, a penalty was called on Alan Pulido. There seemed to have been minimal contact between the defender and Pulido, but it was enough for the ref to give the penalty in favor of the hosts.

The same Pulido stepped up and scored to give the Rebaño Sagrado the lead, in what was his first goal of the season.

When the game looked like it was headed in favor of Chivas, a second penalty was called, but this time for Querétaro. Like the first penalty, the call looked questionable at best, as there seemed to have been very little contact between the Chivas and Querétaro player.

That was no fault of Camilo Sanvezzo, who made no mistake from the spot to rescue a 1-1 draw for the visitors.