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Dorados de Sinaloa win 4-1 in Maradona’s coaching debut in Mexico

Dorados de Sinaloa Unveils New Coach Diego Armando Maradona Photo by Carlos Ramirez/Getty Images

Admittedly, Diego Armando Maradona becoming manager of Mexican Second Division side Dorados de Sinaloa ranks amongst one of the weirdest things to happen to Mexican fútbol in some time. It’s not that Maradona’s previous record as manager is pretty underwhelming, it’s the fact that just a few months ago he was in Russia making a fool of himself during the 2018 World Cup.

As you might expect, the news wasn’t exactly a hit with a lot of Mexico’s major sports networks, who dedicated whole segments to how they disagreed with the appointment. But on Monday, the network responsible for Dorados de Sinaloa’s TV rights rolled out the red carpet for Maradona’s first official game in charge, even dedicating a whole camera for him.

Amidst the hypocrisy, Dorados de Sinaloa did go on to win 4-1 over Cafetaleros de Tapachula, with Vinicio Angulo scoring a hat-trick to give Maradona his first coaching win in Mexico.

At this point, this is all becoming a bit too ridiculous. If anything, it epitomizes everything that is wrong with Mexican fútbol media. Sensationalism at it’s best.