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Is it necessary to have “El Tuca” as interim manager again?

Ricardo Ferretti could be the interim manager for the Mexico National Team

Mexico v Argentina Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Although Ricardo Ferretti has stressed many times that he has closed the door on being the the manager of the Mexico National Team, he still has offered the option to be the interim manager while the FEMEXFUT is narrowing down their options for a permanent coach.

Ferretti stated that he was previously approached as one of four candidates for the job, but as of today, the question remains of who will take the responsibility after Juan Carlos Osorio’s departure.

Chivas v Toronto FC: CONCACAF Champions League 2018 - Final - Leg 2 Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

The bigger question is why hasn’t the Mexican Federation even narrowed down their candidates list. With Matias Almeyda and Miguel Herrera being mentioned repeatedly, why is it necessary to search for managers outside of Mexico who have never followed closely the players around Liga MX and the national team. Just recently, the name of Carlos Queiroz was thrown as a possible candidate.

Mexico v United States

With the next friendlies for Mexico being in just a few weeks and also the Gold Cup coming up, placing “Tuca” as interim manager seems to only be putting a bandaid on the issue.

Of course, Tuca does have experience in this. He was the interim manager for four matches back in 2015, where he won two games and tied two. Not to mention, he was part of the coaching staff for the 1994 World Cup, aiding Miguel Mejia Baron.

But now it looks like it is too late and Mexico has lost the opportunity to hand a four-year cycle to just one coach. A decision that isn’t the end of the world, but by not handing the immediate reigns of the team to a permanent manager, the FMF have lost the chance of jumpstarting a cycle El Tri fans are eager to begin.