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Univision uses Liga MX for fight with Dish Network at cost of their fans

As fight with Dish Network continues, Univision switches their top games away from Univision Deportes Network.

Chivas v Cruz Azul - Torneo Apertura 2018 Liga MX Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

Univision and Dish Network are currently involved in a hostile dispute over programming rights and now Univision has started using Liga MX as a tool at the cost of the fans. The dispute meant that on June 30, their three big channels, Univision, Unimas and Galavision went dark for Dish system subscribers. Univision Deportes (UDN) continues to be shown on Dish systems, but although Univision used to broadcast the majority of the games through UDN, Univision has suddenly starting broadcasting their most popular games through Univision only. This week the America-Atlas, Chivas-Cruz Azul and Pumas-Necaxa games were in Univision only to pressure fans to either switch systems to others or pressure Dish network.

Univision Deportes Network has always been the main sports channel for Univision ever since its start in 2012. Most of their games broadcasted where shown either through UDN only or simultaneously through Univision. The problems with Dish this year has suddenly change this policy. Once Univision channels went dark, Univision started showing games through Univision only. It started with the Supercopa and Campeon de Campeones not being shown in UDN, instead a repeat of the Balon de Oro price ceremony from the day before was repeated on UDN. Games were moved the next saturday but Week 2 became the clearest example of Univision’s strategy. The America/Atlas, Chivas/Cruz Azul and UNAM/Necaxa games were all broadcasted on Univision only. America, Chivas, Cruz Azul and UNAM are the four major teams, which meant that Dish subscribers would not be seeing any of them. Only the UNAM/Necaxa game had any meaningful conflict, with the European U-19 final being played at the same time, but there was nothing from preventing the games of the two biggest teams (America and Chivas). Univision’s decision puts all UDN Dish subscribers at a disadvantage, especially people who can only watch through UDN like people in Puerto Rico where Univision’s main channels are blocked out because of the rights to the local TV stations that don’t show Liga MX games.

Univision did show a Copa MX game between Chivas and Morelia on Tuesday, but it just doesn’t seem fair that fans have to suffer in this fight. Hopefully a solution comes and all this goes away soon.