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Ranking All The New Liga MX Jerseys

New season, new kits. Let’s take a look at all the 18 new home and away jerseys for each Liga MX team.

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Santos Laguna v Lobos BUAP - Torneo Apertura 2018 Liga MX
Brian Lozano of Santos (R) dribbles the ball past Luis Olascoaga of Lobos during the 1st round match as part of the Torneo Apertura 2018 Liga MX on July 22, 2018 in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico.
Photo by Natalia Perales/Getty Images

It’s the time of year when all 18 Liga MX clubs go back to the drawing board and unveil new threads for the season. So, naturally, we have to rank them.

18. Lobos BUAP

Sometimes simplicity can bring the best out of a team’s jersey. This is not one of those times. Lobos had really great jerseys last season. They also left Keuka for a better kit sponsor in Pirma. So what’s with these generic, store-bought jerseys? Did they spend all their money on staying in the first division?

17. Querétaro

This. Is. Downright. Ugly. I mean, does Queretaro want stripes or not? It’s somehow not clear with this jersey. The away one is a little better, but it doesn’t really scream Queretaro. Bad choices all around.

16. Chivas Guadalajara

After two years of solid home jerseys, Chivas hits its fans with this abomination. These two jerseys encapsulate Chivas at the moment; No direction. No idea what they want to do with it. Chivas’ away jerseys the past few seasons have all been garbage, so this new one is nothing new. Points for consistency, I guess?

15. Club América

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Both of Mexico’s biggest and most popular fanbases will have to parade around in god-awful jerseys this season. Las Águilas went from having one of the best kits in Liga MX to having one of the worst. And please someone explain to us why America needs to have that disgusting Home Depot sponsorship on the front? Like, not even on the sleeve? It completely draws attention away from the rest of the jersey.

14. León

Come on, Leon. Seriously? These are the SAME EXACT KITS from two years ago with minor changes. Leon doesn’t have the luxury of having the same kits over and over again like other teams (we’ll get to those), so we can’t simply put a pass on this lack of effort.

13. Puebla

Chinese brand Li-Ning made their debut in Mexico this season designing jerseys for Club Puebla, and they were, well, just okay. There’s nothing inherently ugly about them, but all the others are just better than them. The home jersey sports the traditional blue diagonal stripe, and the away jersey returns to the old orange diagonal stripe from the late 90’s. La Franja did upgrade to a better main sponsor, sporting AT&T now instead of their own Facebook page (yup, really) so that’s a plus, I guess.

12. Veracruz

Props to Veracruz for shaking things up this season. It may not be the prettiest home jersey to look at, but its eccentric style is a breath of fresh air from their lackluster V-shaped designs of years past. It’s different. It sets them apart. The away jersey, however, is the exact opposite. It takes away all the unique qualities of the home jersey and just slaps a Veracruz logo on an almost plain white jersey.

11. Atlas

Not much to say about these, really. The classic half-black-half-red home jersey is nice. Nothing really wrong with it. It’s the away jersey that dooms Atlas, though. Gray is not really a good look for any team. Monterrey tried it last season, and it just doesn’t look appealing by any means, at least not to us. Sorry Atlas, but you should stick to white for away jerseys.

10. Monterrey

Rayados walk into the Apertura with a nice, classic home jersey. They traded away the thick stripes for some thinner ones and went with all-white sleeves. Like Atlas, however, it is the away jersey that places Monterrey so low on the list. The all-blue background and the subtle white lines are peculiar and uninteresting, making Rayados drop down all the way to No. 10.

9. Pumas UNAM

Pumas’ kits this season have a real Jekyll and Hyde feel to them. By that, I mean their home jersey is absolutely beautiful. The famous UNAM seal fills the classic gold Puma in the center and it looks fantastic on the pitch. The away one on the other hand, just ain’t it. The colors are right, but the stripes just don’t fit the Universitarios well. Also, whoever told them to use a jersey WITHOUT the Puma in the center should be fired. But still, that home jersey carries them all the way to No. 9.

8. Toluca

Even after all these years, Toluca manages to continue to come up with new designs to their highly-traditional jerseys. They can’t do much to change their threads, but they did a solid job of making slight changes to maintain a good-looking jersey.

7. Cruz Azul

La Maquina might have the same jerseys each and every year, but, I mean, they kind of have to. Their primary color is literally in their name. It’s a foolproof plan for Cruz Azul, because all they have to do is not mess with the basics. They didn’t, so here they are. Similar to Toluca, they’re average, but attractive.

6. Morelia

Monarcas went for the vertically striped look this season, and hats off to Pirma for knocking it out of the park. The yellow and red give off Valencia vibes and the away jersey goes for the gold on black look that rarely ever fails. There may be one too many sponsors on the front of the jerseys (I’m looking at you, Dportenis!), but it does little to take away from the dope designs.

5. Pachuca

Los Tuzos paid homage to an older jersey design with the home threads and killed the look. The almost Puebla-like home jersey is a nice change of pace from the past few jerseys. The away jersey, meanwhile, goes for the all-black look with a couple of blue stripes on the right side for color.

4. Necaxa

Chivas and Puma, TAKE NOTES! This is how you design a jersey for a red-and-white striped team. Necaxa’s last jerseys were messy but Los Rayos and Charly Fútbol cleaned them up for this season with a nice triple-stripe design. The away jersey is just as clean with the black with gray stripes look, except these stripes have a personal touch. If you look closely, the gray stripes are made up of the names of notable Necaxa players and coaches that make up the team’s history. Awesome addition.

3. Tijuana

Some may not gravitate toward this new design for Xolos, but we think horizontal stripes suit the Aztec Dogs’ trademark colors of black and red perfectly. The home design is different yet elegant while the away jersey is a perfect representation of the border-town club with a huge, brush-stroked ‘X’ for Xolos grabbing your attention.

2. Santos Laguna

Charly Fútbol really made a name for themselves this season. They now sponsor the most teams in the league, including defending champion Santos Laguna. The young Mexican brand did a beautiful job returning to Santos’ old, storied design while still making it look modern. Their championship uniforms last season weren’t that bad, but these new ones just scream winning.

1. Tigres UANL

An easy No. 1 pick, Tigres’ new threads change it up a little while staying true to their longtime design. Both the home and away jerseys’ background designs are the most appealing of the entire league and compliment the championship yellow and royal blue perfectly. The away jersey also returns to the “UANL” legend on the front paying homage to the university which Tigres represents (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León). A fitting duo of jerseys for one of the best teams not only in Liga MX but all of CONCACAF.

What’s your favorite jersey this season? Let us know in the comments below!