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Ascenso MX expands number of promotion eligible teams from 6 to 9 for upcoming 2018-19 season

9 of the 15 teams competing in Mexico’s second division will now be eligible to win promotion to the top flight of Mexican fútbol

Toluca v Santos Laguna - Final Torneo Clausura 2018 Liga MX Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

During a press conference at the Liga MX draft, league president Enrique Bonilla once again took it upon himself to explain and clear up any misconceptions about the evermore complicated structure of promotion from Ascenso MX to the top flight of Mexican fútbol that would be in affect for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

“To avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts, it was decided to hire an internationally renowned audit company, one of the four largest in the world, to be in charge of receiving the required documentation, making the analysis, and making recommendations about which teams should be eligible for promotion. Based on this information, the Assembly determined that that the clubs with the right to be promoted are: Mineros, Dorados, Leones Negros, Zacatepec, Tampico Madero, Alebrijes, San Luis, Bravos, y Cimarrones”, stated Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla.

Only these nine teams have the right to promotion to the first division of Mexican fútbol - either through sporting achievement or by making use of a “first division certification,” in the event that a Liga MX club that gets relegated doesn’t pay the 120 million peso fee to remain in the first division.

Bonilla continued his press conference by saying that the new rules on promotion to the top flight of Mexican fútbol were meant as a way to strengthen the Ascenso MX as a whole and make it a much more enjoyable experience for the fans of second division clubs.

“It’s not an issue of seats, it is not a matter of the stadium size, it is a matter of a set of factors that any club wanting to be in the Liga MX must fulfill. The origin of these resources should be transparent and the financial/economic solvency of the team should be enough to sustain the club without jeopardizing the stability of the competition as a whole”, added Bonilla.

Bonilla also added that on top of the financial requirements to be eligible for promotion, teams would have to operate an academy with teams competing at every youth level and plan on having a Liga MX Femenil team once they have gained promotion.

Three teams: Atlante, Correcaminos, and Celaya who had previously been certified for promotion to Liga MX are no longer eligible to be promoted. Both Atlante and Celaya have been left off of the list of promotion eligible teams do to outstanding debts with both the league as well as current and former players/coaches.

There was no additional information given as to why the remaining Ascenso MX teams were not eligible to be promoted to the top flight of Mexican fútbol.

What do you think of the promotion/relegation situation between Ascenso MX and Liga MX? Who’s your favorite out of the eligible teams to go up to the top flight at the end of the 2018-19 season?