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Three options for Liga MX during the 2022 World Cup

The winter World Cup in Qatar is going to disrupt leagues all over the world. Here are some options for Liga MX to consider.

Majlis Qatar Launch in Moscow Handout - 2022 Supreme Committee via Getty Images

With the announcement of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar being played from November 21 through December 18, leagues around the world are scrambling to try to figure out what they’ll do in four years to accommodate the world’s biggest sporting event. Liga MX is no different, since the 2018 Apertura runs through November 25 and the Liguilla goes until December 18. Liga MX has a couple of options on how to avoid a scheduling conflict. Here are three to consider:

  • Shorten the break between the 2022 Clausura and 2022 Apertura - Typically the summer break is the longest for Mexican clubs. Santos Laguna lifted the trophy on May 20, and the clubs aren’t scheduled to start again until July 20. Shortening the gap to two or three weeks should provide enough time to have a full Apertura tournament. This also means playing games during the heat of the Mexican summer. Not ideal in places like Monterrey or Torreón, where the average high temperature is well above 90°F (32°C).
  • Eliminate the playoffs - Fans of single-table, rejoice. This may be your moment. Cutting out the playoffs means the league can finish and any players on national teams can head out to Doha. This also means that the 2022 Apertura will be wild. With 17 games, there are hardly any games you can take for granted as it is, and with no playoffs teams will need to be invested in winning from the start.
  • Have 2022-23 be one season - Return to the old days where Liga MX (or the Primera División for you old-timers) was one long season. Teams would take off for the World Cup and return when they normally do in the first week of January 2023, play out the season, and then head to the Liguilla. This seems like it would be the best option, eliminating the need to try and cram everything into an abbreviated season.