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FIFA confirms winter World Cup for Qatar 2022

Rendered Illustations Of Qatar 2022 Venues Illustration provided by 2022 Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy via Getty Images

The 2018 World Cup isn’t over yet, but there is already news about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

According to FIFA president Gianni Infantino, the confirmed dates for the 2022 World Cup will be November 21 to December 18. Given the extreme heat during summer months in Qatar, this will mark the first ever World Cup played during the winter.

Obviously, it is still early to know what kind of impact this will have on Liga MX’s scheduling, but the fact that the season is divided into two tournaments could help. This could mean an earlier start to both the 2022 Clausura and 2022 Apertura, with the 2023 Clausura beginning later than usual.

With World Cup qualifying already set to start next year, the other big question heading into 2022 is the amount of teams that will play in the tournament. The current number is 32, but a proposal could see Qatar be the first World Cup to host 48 teams.