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Mexico loses Toulon Tournament Final against England

Mexico loses 2-1 with the help of a terrible goalkeeping mistake

Toulon Tournament 3rd/4th Playoff Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

Mexico lost the Toulon Tournament final against England 2-1. Mexico wasted an early lead and made key mistakes to lose the final. Mexico missed key players Cesar Montes and Jonathan Gonzalez through injury, although they were still the better team until goalkeeper Jose Hernandez made a terrible mistake and gifted England a goal. Minutes later they scored again, eventually getting the win.

Mexico started the first half in the best way possible. Pressing England, they gave the ball away, and Eduardo Aguirre made a great pass to Roberto Alvarado, who scored the opening goal. Although he mishit the ball, it was still good enough to go in.

Mexico then continued their pressure and were playing some of their best football, with both Aguirre and Antuna both coming close. Then in the 20th minute, there was a water break and everything changed. Thereafter, England became better and came close to getting the equalizer.

Eventually, in an incredible play from a throw-in, goalkeeper Jose Hernandez went for the ball but dropped it right into the England players for Dael Fry to equalize. It was a total howler of a mistake and it severely hurt Mexico.

A couple of minutes later, England took advantage and Kieran Dowell scored the 2-1. Mexico went from dominating to losing in a matter of minutes. Mexico tried to improve but didn’t come close to a chance before halftime.

The second half was more of the same, with Mexico playing better and having the ball but not creating much danger. Uriel Antuna and Jorge Sanchez got subbed out but Hector Mascorro, Antuna’s replacement, didn’t do much all. Mexico seemed to have the ball but England was very comfortable in that role as they sat back and countered.

By far the best chance in all the game went from an English counter, where Tammy Abraham was left wide open for a tap in but hit the post. England went back to their plan of sitting back and Mexico tried to change things by bringing on the Chivas forwards Juan Jose Macias and Jose Godinez. But coach “Chima” Ruiz didn't give them enough time during the tournament, and they performed as expected. England did enough and got the victory.

For a third straight tournament, England is victorious in the Toulon final. Also, for a third straight tournament, England defeated Mexico in a youth tournament. At the same time, Mexico kept on with their tradition of being the better team but always finishing short at the end. Still, there was some standouts like Diego Lainez and Eduardo Aguirre, who finished as the top scorer of the tournament. However, it seems that Mexico had a huge opportunity and let it slip. The worries now in the coaching position are stronger than ever.