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Maradona takes shots at Mexico national team after World Cup host selection

Maradona was against the decision to give the World Cup to Mexico-US-Canada

Diego Maradona unveiled as new manager of Fujairah FC Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

Diego Armando Maradona went on television and made some comments that have North American fans steaming. Asked about the United States/Canada/Mexico bid, Maradona said he didn’t like it and then went against all 3 of the countries in the bid.

Of Canada

“There is no passion, Canadians might be good skiers”

United States

“Remember when Americans wanted to make football games have 4 quarters of 25 minutes so they could put commercials in there? 100 minutes we had to play.”

On Mexico

“Here, Mexico comes out winning, when in reality Mexico doesn’t deserve it. In reality (Mexico), they win 2 games, they play against Brazil, Germany or me when I was coaching and it’s out, Aeromexico.”

Maradona’s reasoning is all over the place. He mentions lack of passion for Canada and the United States, but because the argument falls for Mexico, he decides bring up World Cup team performances. If that is the case, why is the World Cup being played in Russia, a country that prior to this World Cup hadn’t won a game since 2002? Not to mention that the other candidate was Morocco, who has done even less than both Mexico and the US in the world stage. Later on, Maradona said Mexico didn’t gel with coach Juan Carlos Osorio and that they called up Rafael Marquez “who is my age”.