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Club América launches English-language twitter account

One of the biggest clubs in the Western Hemisphere now has an English-language media presence.

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Club America v Manchester City Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Liga MX English language community gained a new member this past Sunday: twelve time Liga MX champions Club América. Using the handle @ClubAmerica_EN, Las Águilas become the third Liga MX club to start an English-language social media presence behind Tijuana and Santos Laguna.

The response was massive, with the club garnering “over 600 thousand impressions on @ClubAmerica_EN tweets, 500 thousand views on launch video across all @clubamerica accounts, and over 5 million reach and nearly 10 million impressions on (their English-language hashtag) #FlyWithUs per Keyhole (a social media analytics company based in Toronto) in under twelve hours” according to a club spokesperson.

The spokesperson also told FMF State of Mind that Twitter is the sole English-specific Club América social media account. “Facebook has great tools to use for bilingual posts,” the spokesperson explained “so we’re able to use one account to target English-speakers with our English-only posts, and provide both native Spanish and English text for more general posts. We’ve also created a Facebook group for our fans in the US (with both Spanish and English posts from fans in there). For the (Club América) website, we’re also producing native English posts (such as this primer on the club and this one on Joe Corona’s place in the US National Team) and will be translating press releases and things like that as well. For now, there isn’t one landing spot to see all English posts on the website since we just link to them on social.”

Club América fans are excited. Ivan Pineda of The Eagle Eye Podcast said “It’s exciting to see the team finally respond to the countless of fans who have been calling for English language content, and hopefully it means more outreach to those fans from the club. Being arguably the biggest club in Mexico with the biggest fan base around, it’s nice to finally have an account that is directed to the English language community.”

This is a needle-mover for English-language fans of Liga MX. With all due respect to both Tijuana and Santos, Club América is one of the biggest clubs in the hemisphere not only on the pitch but in name recognition as well. Having a club of their stature invest in English-language outreach will hopefully spur others in Liga MX - and beyond - to do the same.