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Copa 90 discusses “No Era Penal”

With the World Cup fast approaching, I joined the guys over at Copa 90’s FIFA Showdown to discuss one of the most polarizing matches of the 2014 World Cup, Mexico vs Holland. This match will forever be remembered as the “No Era Penal” game. The image of Arjen Robben diving inside the box in stoppage time and Rafa Marquez putting his hands up as if to say “I did not touch him” will be forever ingrained in mind of every Mexico fan who watched the match. For Holland, that play meant going on to the quarterfinals. For Mexico, it meant another World Cup where they were unable to reach the ever elusive “Quinto Partido”.

Below, we discuss all the emotions I went through watching the match live, expectations for Mexico in Russia, the quinto partido and some extremely spicy hot nuggets while watching a FIFA Simulation of the match. Enjoy!