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Copa90 discusses Mexico’s biggest rivalry

Toronto’s defeat and elimination of the all mighty Club America from the CONCACAF Champions league set the stage for a meeting between Chivas de Guadalajara and the current MLS champions.

The Club America defeat not only put the hopes of a Chivas/America CONCACAF Champions league final out the window, but it also allowed Chivas to have a leg up on their biggest rival. Chivas, which has always claimed to be the biggest team in Mexico, the team of the people, and some may even call it the second Mexican national team due to its all Mexican policy, is now the lone Mexican team in the tournament.

In a time where the number of foreign players in Liga MX is increasing and MLS is closing the gap, the most Mexican Liga MX team will once again represent the whole country in an international final.

I joined Copa90US in Guadalajara recently to discuss how the biggest rivalry in the western hemisphere developed, where it is now, and who will pull ahead in the future.