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Club América vs. Tauro FC: Miguel Herrera Press Conference

America’s coach “Piojo” Herrera is very confident after his team’s 4-0 victory in the first leg of the Quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions League

Miguel Herrera speaks to the press after his 4-0 victory over Tauro FC
Rafael Hernandez

Happy and relaxed, Miguel Herrera came into the press room after his team’s victory over Tauro FC. America is undefeated in Liga MX and has dominated both of their CONCACAF Champions League series. The 4-0 score should set his team up for a Semifinal berth unless the team has a catastrophic performance in the second leg game in Panama.

Here are some of the highlights from the Press conferences after the game

-How does this game make you feel, the series looks finished and the goals have returned?

The truth is that we were creating chances and they just weren’t going in. There are just some games that no matter how much you try, the ball doesn’t go in. But they were very tactically aware and we knew they wouldn’t lose their order once the goal fell.

-Does it worry you that until Oribe, Uribe and Cecilio Dominguez came on, the team didn’t perform very well?

The reality is that when they went in we risked a lot more. We took out defenders and midfielders and put in attacking players. That’s why the team looked more dangerous offensively.

-How would you qualify the result and how are you going to plan the trip to Panama?

The truth is that it is a great result and we have a good lead. We are going to take people that can respond to the game and I don’t consider it finished until we officially have the result. We are just winning the first half of this.

-The Tauro coach said that they are playing the Clasico of Panama this weekend and they might go for a result next week that can just make them proud. Do you consider that they are giving up?

Well they put up their best team today. They did a good job and they had a great performance in the first half. I don’t know how can I consider those words but we are going for the win.

-Did you feel after 65 minutes that the game was going to open up for your team?

The total opposite. When we scored the second goal, they took out a forward and sent a central defender and moved to a five-man backline.

-It’s March 6 and the team is still undefeated in all games and competitions. Do you see it as a reflection of what’s happening or does it add pressure to your team?

The team plays to win every game. If it’s undefeated or if it’s fifth. Fortunately we’re undefeated, but we also don’t have many points in the league. We have to improve in that and win and not tie so much.

-You said yesterday that Andres Ibarguen had to show more. What do you think of his performance today?

I’m very happy. He needed more rhythm to gel more with his teammates but today he showed better understanding with his teammates like Oribe and Dominguez.

- We are going into the final stretch of the league and CONCACAF. Is now the time to elevate your game?

Yes, of course. Win games. The team is playing very well but we need to close the games and win.