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Mexican National Team finally unveil English-language social media

Portugal v Mexico: Play-Off for Third Place - FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It has long been thought that the Mexican National Team needed to create English language social media accounts and content in order to accommodate the massive following the team has in the United States; many of whom feel more comfortable communicating in English. This language barrier left many fans feeling somewhat disconnected from their favorite national team.

On February 22, the Mexican national team made a step towards bridging the disconnect between themselves and English speaking Mexican-American fans with the creation of a much needed English-language Twitter account and Facebook account.

The English-language social media accounts are a step in the right direction for El Tri who were at risk of losing many Mexican-American fans due to changing language demographics in the United States. Hopefully the account is a successful model that Liga MX clubs can follow to reach their equally numerous fans in the United States and elsewhere outside of Mexico.

How will you receive your Mexican National Team News? Will you continue to use the Spanish language social media accounts or will you follow the new English language Twitter and Facebook accounts?