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Interviews with Diego Hernandez, Mario Trejo and Jose Juan Macias after Mexico’s win against Grenada.

After Mexico’s victory against Grenada, Midfielder Diego Hernandez, Defender Martio Trejo and Forward Jose Juan Macias spoke to us about the victory and the up coming match against Aruba

Diego Hernandez

FMF State of Mind: How are you after this victory over Grenada?

Diego Hernandez: Well it was important to score as many goals as possible. We now know the result against Jamaica and that they scored 7 goals so it was important to keep out of reach of them in goals scored.

FMF State of Mind: You came in the second half and were key in destabilizing Grenada, how did you do to improve from the game against Saint Martin?

DH: Well it was the coach always asks me when I go in, my main characteristics is to dribble and send crosses and that is what I tried to do and it came out well.

Reporter: Now with result were you able to release some pressure after the game against Jamaica because even when you remained in 1st place, you still weren’t happy with the performance?

DH: Well it wasn’t the best result but we knew that today we needed to score the most goals possible and not be overconfident and win the game

Reporter: Besides the eight goals, football wise how do you feel after the game?

DH: I felt fine, not only personally but also in the group, generating many opportunities and giving a great game

Reporter: Well on Saturday you will face Aruba in a time that you’re haven’t played before, at 4pm, what characteristics do you see about that game?

DH: Yeah well we haven’t played in that hour but we are prepared to play at any climate and in whatever circumstance of play.

Mario Trejo

On tonight’s game

Mario Trejo: We’re not that satisfied because we know Jamaica scored 7 goals and we wanted to have a bigger goal difference but it was a good triumph

Reporter: Apparently it was a wake up call against Jamaica even when you remained in 1st place you weren’t satisfied?

MT: Yeah of course because we had the score in our favor. We have to face the next game in the best way, get a good result with a lot of goals to get to the next round.

Reporter: How do you face a team that we don’t know much, and football wise is not a strong team?

MT; With the same respect that we had to the other teams and do a good game.

Reporter: The game will be at 4pm, how do you think this will affect the game?

MT: I don´t think it will. We have been having a good rhythm of play and we have a good training staff. So I don’t think it will

Reporter: How have you felt physically?

MT: I have felt great. The coach places me in different positions and I adapt to what he says. Excellent really.

FMF State of Mind: How does this team that are physically strong and fast, have become a problem for Mexico more and more as time passes?

MT: Well, it doesn’t cost us but we try to adapt to their characteristics and we try to counter it with the qualities we have and do it in the best way along with the communication we have with our teammates.

Jose Juan Macias

Reporter: How have you personally felt in the tournament scoring goals and being a pillar in attack.

Jose Juan Macias; Yeah thank god I have been able to do my job but the main thing is the group and adding to that.

Reporter: Sometimes a lot of goals fools people but how did you see the team?

JJ Macias: I see it better. With all due respect some of the rivals allow us to score a lot of goals and sometimes it fools people but now what we are looking for are goals because we need to score goals for goal differential.

Reporter: Now you will face Aruba at 4pm, a rival we don’t know much about, how do you face them?

JJ Macias: We will see games of what they did in the tournament but right now personally I don’t know them.

Reporter: Well with 3 victories and a tie, how do you feel about the results and what you wanted football wise?

JJ Macias: Well we still feel with the obligation to score a lot more goals because we still haven’t clinched qualification because right now we have the same points as Jamaica and only goal difference separate us

FMF State of Mind: If well we don’t know much about Aruba, they were able to maintain Jamaica at 0 until halftime, how can you do so that something like that doesn’t happen to Mexico?

JJ Macias: Look for an early goal. At times the rival come out distracted and we have to take advantage of that and go for the kill