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Mexico U-20 Coach Diego Ramirez speaks after the win over Grenada

After Mexico’s victory over Granada, Coach Diego Ramirez talked to us about the win and the possibilities of the team in this CONCACAF U-20 Championship

Reporter: Well you’re practically have the ticket to the next round of this CONCACAF U20 Championship

Diego Ramirez: Well I couldn’t assure this yet. There is still another game that is very important that we have to go out and win and not only win but score a lot of goals so that goal differential goes in our favor.

Reporters: You said that you would talk to your players after the Jamaica game you were going to talk to your players about what happened and it looks to have worked because we saw another team tonight

DR: Yeah not only about that game but after every game we tried to reach conclusions of what happened on the field. The Jamaica game reminded us of what World Cup qualifiers are about, it’s tough and there are better rivals than others. The hard fought tie made us remain in 1st place and if we keep being serious, it will give us the opportunity to qualify.

Reporters: Besides the result how did you see the players, their level of play, are they improving?

DR: Yes without a doubt. I saw them well. Because of the format of the tournament we have had to make changes and rotate players and sometimes this affects players but it hasn’t here

Reporters: With three victories and a tie are you more satisfied now in facing the final game against a team that is also very weak who you will face.

DR: I wouldn’t dare consider any team as weak as they can be unpredictable. Without a doubt this game was very important after the tie we need to make an impact keeping a scoreless goal and scoring a lot of goals gives you a confidence towards that last game but without a doubt we don’t consider any team as lesser.

Reporters: This is a very disciplined team that is always paying attention to what you point out to them, that must make you very happy

DR: It really is. Not only with me but since when we were making the team, they compromised with us and with each others that it would be a solid team convince of what they do on the field.

FMF State of Mind: You mentioned the physical aspect, now you are facing an Aruba team that because of the lopsided goal score between them and Jamaica, goals are still needed. And now for the first time you will be playing for the 1st time at 4pm in the heat, how do you see the difference between this and the other games:

DR: Like I said, we try to face all games with the same seriousness and the same preparations. If it’s true that we change time schedule, it does for both teams. If we have some tiredness, the rival will too and they are coming from a bad result so they will have the physical hit and we must take advantage of that and keep doing what we are doing game after game.

Reporter: Are they putting things difficult for you in terms of the starting lineup

DR: Not yet because like I said, the format of the tournament force me to do rotations and there are players who played 90 and aren’t used to play another full game in such short times. We are clear that the priority is the team and the physical state of it and for the team to do well because of it.