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Mexico U-20 Coach Diego Ramirez and Jose Juan Macias speak following the tie against Jamaica

Coach Diego Ramirez and Forward Jose Juan Macias had some words for us after the disappointing tie against Jamaica.

On the Jamaica game

Diego Ramirez: It was a game that became difficult. Normally this team play a very physical game where they sat back and where it isn’t easy to open them up but we did at first. Then on a pair of a plays in the second half, that we have to recognize where good things done by the rival, they hurt us.

Reporter: Is this a wake up call because of how Mexico was coming, of maybe being overconfident?

DR: I wouldn’t talk about overconfidence. Simply it’s a World Cup qualification and there is all type of rivals. Most of you would have placed Mexico and Jamaica as the candidates for the first place of the group and today you saw that they are the contenders for that. Fortunately in all the bad, the tie still favors us and we have a goal difference that keeps up on top.

Reporter: Is that what makes you calm, the goal difference?

DR: In terms of the opposition, yes. We have to make the opposition respect it in the next two games, both games we have to work them.We have to play them and improve on the goal differential and it’s clear after today that we have things to work in correcting.

Reporter: Did you feel that at times Jamaica was very rough and fouled a lot?

DR: Yeah they did. We all know what confederation we play and the rivals we face who are physical and dirty at times and the referee that are very permissive. But talking to the players we know that they are exposed to that and that’s how things are here and we have to adapt as soon as possible.

Reporter: Why do this type of games complicate Mexico, be it senior or youth level?

DR: They get complicated because of what I said before. It’s not easy to open up teams that sit back and who are fast in the counter. They have their virtue. While we go out with the responsibility of being the main protagonist of the game and to be that for most of the match, you’re not exempt from the rival having their moments too. We have to assimilate this soon, get the best thing out of the match and correct things that were done wrong and focus on the next two games to win first place.

FMF State of Mind: Now you play Granada which is the big unknown in the group (almost tied Jamaica, got crushed by Aruba, crushed Saint Martin). How do you prepare to face a rival with so many peaks and valleys?

DR: Like with every rival. Every team has the similar characteristics of being unpredictable. You don’t know how they are going to come out. We have to focus more on our work and point out what we did right and correct what we did wrong independently of how Granada comes out.

FMF State of Mind: How are you after this game where maybe there wasn’t the expected performance but Mexico got a points and remains in first place

Jose Juan Macias: Obviously we have to face the games with the stategy of scoring the biggest amount of goals possible and we won’t always win. Jamaica were solid in the back and it was very difficult, it’s not like we wasted a great goal chance or something like that. We tried to do our best and it’s also valid. We remain in first place, we can’t lose our heads. Obviously we won’t be overconfident or conformist.

FMF State of Mind: As a forward, now that goal differential is important how do you so that one doesn’t end up desperate but is also knowing that because of this result, they matter more?

JJ Macias: Always with calm and trying to be as much a “killer” but not losing your head like you say

Reporter: Is this a wake up call this result against Jamaica?

JJ Macias: I don’t think we should make it bigger than it is. We are still in 1st place but they sat back well. They broke everything and we tried to construct. Maybe things didn’t turn out today, we still got the tie. Just as we can tie, we can lose. Obviously we have to win but because we deserved it more than because of obligation, there are always game like this.

Reporter: Why do this type of games complicate things for Mexico in all levels?

JJ Macias: They are very fast and very strong. We tried to impose ourselves with our skill level but when they destroy things, it turns very difficult.

Reporter: Now you have to change the chip and now comes Grenada, a rival that maybe on paper they are beatable.

JJ Macias: Yes now obviously now all the teams might complicate things for us by sitting back but we will try to score as many goals as possible.