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Mexico U-20 Coach Diego Ramirez speaks following the win over Saint Martin

After Mexico defeated Saint Martin 4-0, the U-20 National team coach Diego Ramirez met the press, including FMF State of Mind and Fox Sports’ Carlos Rodrigo Hernandez. Here are the comments he made to us after the match:

Reporter: Are you happy with this score that at the end could’ve been higher?

Diego Ramirez: Yes, I’m happy. In the end it’s 3 points. We had a larger score the last game but I’m happy because it’s still an overwhelming score. And besides if it was 1-0, you only get 3 points.

Reporter: What do you see this team is capable of?

Diego Ramirez: I think we are on the rise. We have progressed a lot and I don’t say it just because of this tournament that we are playing now but from since we have been practicing and the warm up friendlies. I think we still can improve a lot. The objective we had is to get the ticket and of the consequence of doing that we will have a chance for the title. I think we are capable of that but we have to go day by day and game by game especially by this kind of tournament we are having.

Reporter: What do you think of the level of play in this tournament?

DR: Well I think it’s mixed. There are teams that had never played this kind of tournament and that’s why we see some blowouts. In other groups you don’t see that like in our group. It’s very mixed because of these new teams but it shouldn’t matter to us, we must do our work to get first place in the group.

Reporter: How do personally feel about this experience with the youth teams?

DR: It’s been very good. I have accumulated a lot of experience in different places and without a doubt this is a very rich experience that will leave me a lot and I hope to leave a lot to them.

FMF State of Mind: Now we have the rival that is maybe the strong one of the group, Jamaica, the one that you play for the only ticket and thus there is no margin for error, how do you see this game that maybe the vital one this Tuesday?

DR: For me all of them are vital, there is no margin of error from the first game. If you well say that Jamaica might be the rival who is more complex, if we hadn’t done our job today we would have trouble with the points, with the amount of goals. We are showing respect to all our rivals. Obviously seeing 2 games played by Jamaica we can see and face them in a better way.