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Melquiades Sanchez, voice of Estadio Azteca, dies


The world of Mexican football is in mourning after Melquiades Sanchez Orozco, the voice of Estadio Azteca, died on Sunday at age 90. TV show “La Jugada” made the announcement on Sunday night.

Sanchez had been the voice of the the Estadio Azteca from the day the stadium opened all the way into his death. As he worked for Televisa, he was also the voice of Channel 5.

Sanchez Orozco was by far the most recognizable voice of any stadium in Mexico. Besides Channel 5 he had also worked for legendary Mexican radio networks XEW and XEQ. While health problems had prompted him to miss an increasing amount of games, he was supposedly set to return as the regular voice for his team, America.

Rest in Peace, Melquiades Ochoa Orozco