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Diego Lainez interview after the opening win against Nicaragua

After Mexico defeated Nicaragua 7-0 star players met the press, including FMF State of Mind and Fox Sports’ Carlos Rodrigo Hernandez. Here is the transcript of his comments to us.

Diego Lainez: We know it was going to be a tough game because of the style of the team but we expected to win and that why we came here

Reporter: Besides the result how did you see the team?

Diego Lainez: Besides the result, the team functioned well and every day we are improving. There were a lot of plays that we created and didn’t score but that also means that team participates and generates a lot of good things.

Reporter: Is the team ready to illusion people?

Diego Lainez: Yes, we are going step by step but we all know the objective is to win this tournament.

Reporter: As a player with 1st division experience what did you speak with rest after this result to not try to get ahead of yourselves?

DL: We always have a clear mind. There are 4 more group games and we have to face them with the most responsibility

Reporter: Do you all feel any pressure after the failing in the Central American games or the recent elimination of the Women National team?

DL: No we don’t have pressure from external things. This national team is working in a very good way. The objective is to win and we feel that in the youth teams we always have to strive to win every tournament.

Reporter: You changed in the game from the wings to the center of the field. How do you feel about that?

DL: Yes, this something that is permitted between teammates and the quality of the team permits this and I’m very happy with the way the team played.

Reporter: You saw how the crowd looked for you, cheered you on and asks for your autograph, how do feel about it_

DL: I’m very happy with all their love and support. I always tried to give back in what I can and it’s nice to be loved by the people.