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Interview with Jose Juan Macias after the Mexico vs Aruba game

Jose Juan Macias talked to us after his game against Aruba where he scored 4 goals to climb on top of the goalscoring charts. The win also gave Mexico the ticket to the next round where hopefully he can continue being a key player in Mexico’s road to a spot in the U-20 World Cup

Reporter: Are you satisfied that after the Grenada match and today's, it seems the goal scoring accuracy has finally arrived?

Jose Juan Macias: Yes obviously we are going to face the next round with more confidence and knowing that now one goal can be key.

Reporter: Now you’re going to be facing rivals that will be demand more of you.

JJ Macias: Clearly it will show what we are made of and we will show why we are better

Reporter: Obviously you’re happy with the goals you’ve scored and because you’re the leading scorer so far.

JJ Macias: Yeah I obviously always try to contribute to the team in my job that is scoring the goals. So I’m happy to be able to do my job and you have to enjoy it to the max.

FMF State of Mind: Yeah 4 goals and you achieved the first goal but you will now face 2 defenses that are very different. One of which Mexico matches well with, El Salvador, but another one, Panama, that will be a very tough physical team with more skill than the teams faced. How do you feel before those 2 games?

JJ Macias: Yeah we obviously will try to go with a lot of mobility and always trying to anticipate them. I think that is how we are going to attack them and with a lot of confidence.