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NFL’s decision to move Rams-Chiefs to LA an utter embarrassment to the Mexican sport

Cruz Azul v Lobos BUAP - Torneo Apertura 2018 Liga MX Photo by Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

Excuse me while I vent a little, but what an embarrassment! With the news that the NFL has decided to move their marquee Monday Night Football matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs back to LA, local organizers in Mexico should be ashamed.

Forget the fact that the Estadio Azteca pitch has been in arguably the worst condition in years, not only jeopardizing the entertainment value of the league but perhaps most importantly the healthy wellbeing of its players. Liga MX fans have had to endure the gradual destruction of their most iconic stadium with the excuse that they were getting the stadium ready for the NFL. But as it turns out, Televisa (owners of the stadium) can’t even get that right!

Obviously, you feel for the fans in Mexico who won’t get to watch their team, especially those who paid big money for tickets and airfare, but I’m unapologetic in saying this is exactly what Televisa deserves.

Furthermore, the fact that the NFL decided to move the game to LA because they thought the field might not be safe for the players makes Liga MX’s decision to still hold games there seem even more pathetic. We are talking about the NFL, the league that for years refused to acknowledge their connection to head injuries.

I don’t know about you guys, but I miss the old Estadio Azteca.