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Club América’s official team portrait is everything

Even those who are not Americanistas can appreciate this.

FBL-MEX-AMERICA-MONTERREY Photo credit should read YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Most official team portraits are staid affairs. A squad of young men trying to hold still while grim faced front office staff try to look official. In short, they’re boring affairs where it looks like no one wants to be there.

Club América decided to do something different for their official team photo this year. They held it during an open practice in Estadio Azteca. There were fans singing songs, waving banners, lighting off smoke. This was not boring by any stretch of the imagination.

Players from both the men’s team and women’s team paraded out, ran through drills, and thanked the crowd for showing up at noon on a Friday.

But the best part was the resulting photo. It’s fun. No stone-faced officials, very few uncomfortable looking young men. The entire team - men and women - are in as equals. The fans are included. It’s a great representation of the entire club.

Well done, Club América.