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Mexico’s Best Squad in FIFA 18

The latest entry in the FIFA series is out, how does Mexico stack up?

Mexico v Honduras: Quarterfinal - 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again, when the newest FIFA game starts to take over your life. Or maybe that’s just me and my friends. Either way, here is Mexico’s highest rated squad in FIFA 18.

If it looks similar, that might be because it is the same starting 11 as in FIFA 17.


Guillermo Ochoa continues his streak of being Mexico’s highest rated keeper. Alfredo Talavera stays as Mexico’s #2 but the gap between them is minimal (79 vs 77). I can’t remember the last time I started anyone other than Memo at net for El Tri but Talavera is not a bad choice.


The back 4 stays the same with Mexico’s lack of fullbacks becoming more evident. Pretty sure Layun is also Mexico’s highest rated right back but the gap between him and the next LB is 5. It’s best to use him at LB in this formation. There are 4 players within 3 points of Diego’s 77 rating.


I’m keeping the same 433 formation from last year and this allows me to use the same 3 players in the middle for Mexico. Guardado is down 2 points but still tied for highest rated central midfielder with Jona. If you use a CAM, Fabian (79) might be a good option to use as his skillset is skewed towards attacking. There is a glut of midfielders rated in the mid-70s to fill out the bench.


The competition to start in Mexico’s front 3 tightened up this year but remained the same. I was a little surprised by Vela’s 82 rating that tied him with Chicharito as Mexico’s highest. His lack of playing time and Lozano’s torching of the Eredivisie should lead to a ratings reversal in the Winter Update. As it stands now, Chucky, Jimenez and Gio are the next 3 attackers off the bench.

Did FIFA 18 get any ratings wrong for you?