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Francisco Palencia becomes the first coach fired this Liga MX season

A 2-1 loss at home to Morelia proved to be the final straw.

After losing at home to Morelia 2-1, Pumas parted ways with coach Francisco Palencia, who becomes the first coached fired this season. While Pumas record wasn't the worst, the results deceived, as Pumas hadn't played well in any game so far. It also came after terrible second season for him, which had the team fail to make it into the Liguilla with rumored internal strife that might have led to the departure of Dario Veron and goalkeeper Marco Antonio Palacios. The fact Pumas had made a key signing in Chilean international Marcelo Diaz, might have made the leash shorter and the loss against Morelia, as well as the increasing complaints from Pumas fans, led to his firing today.

Francisco Palencia came in as a rookie coach to the the team that was his final hurrah in his playing career. Although he came through and became a star with rival Cruz Azul, he famously left that team under bad circumstances for Chivas. Later on he ended up with Pumas where he was key in getting Pumas last title in 2011, even when he had certain animosity when he arrived because of his Cruz Azul past.

As a coach he had a great first season, getting the team into the Liguilla while playing well. Unfortunately in the Liguilla they got badly beaten by Tigres in what might have been a turning point. Last season they got a big boost from signing Chilean striker Nico Castillo but the team didn't play as well. Then Castillo got injured as well as Pablo Barrera and the team went on a huge decline. It not only missed out on the Liguilla but played horribly as they lost game after game. This season kept with the lackluster play even though they lucked out two home wins. The luck ran out with the loss to Morelia at home (Morelia's first win this season) and Palencia was fired today. Sergio Egea, who had been Hugo Sanchez's assistant during his two title winning tenure, will be the interim head coach.