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Liga MX draft day recap

79 players transferred worth USD$37.5 million and the possible dissolution of Chiapas - all in one day.

Tijuana’s Milton Caraglio celebrates his goal against Chiapas FC. Xoloitzcuintles Tijuana Press Release

Liga MX is the best league in the world for sheer entertainment value. While this is most often true because of the wild and often unpredictable play on the pitch, the bi-annual “draft” where players are bought, sold, and loaned between clubs in a day long orgy of transfers is often the height of frenzy. Yesterday was no different, as 79 players were moved (or in some cases kept out on loan) - and because that’s not bananas enough, Chiapas FC will not participate in the 2017-18 Ascenso MX because of outstanding debts to the FMF. We’ll get to that in a minute though.

79 players moving is almost impossible to keep up with, however I’ve put together a table with all of the moves below:

Draft Day Moves - June 7, 2017

Player Position Loan/Transfer Former Club New Club
Player Position Loan/Transfer Former Club New Club
Mauro Lainez Left Wing Loan Pachuca Leon
Javier Guemez Central Midfielder Transfer Club America Queretaro
Osvaldo Rodriguez Left Back Loan Pachuca Leon
Edson Puch Center Forward Transfer Necaxa Pachuca
Enrique Perez Center Back Loan Atlas Morelia
Rodrigo Millar Central Midfielder Loan Atlas Morelia
Richard Ruiz Right Back Loan Cruz Azul Veracruz
Jorge Benitez Center Forward Transfer Cruz Azul Monterrey
Roberto Alvarado Attacking Midfielder Transfer Pachuca Necaxa
Edwin Cardona Attacking Midfielder Loan Monterrey Pachuca
Dieter Villalpando Attacking Midfielder Loan Pachuca Necaxa
Daniel Alvarez Center Forward Transfer Atlas Necaxa
Kristian Alvarez Center Back Loan Chivas Veracruz
Miguel Angel Ponce Left Back Loan Chivas Necaxa
Cristian Pellerano Central Midfielder Loan Club America Veracruz
Oscar Perez Goalkeeper Loan Pachuca
Candido Ramirez Left Midfielder Loan Monterrey Atlas
Carlos Morales Left Back Loan Morelia Lobos BUAP
Giovanni Hernandez Attacking Midfielder Loan Chivas Veracruz
Aldo Rocha Central Midfielder Transfer Leon Morelia
Aviles Hurtado Center Forward Transfer Tijuana Monterrey
Mauricio Cuero Right Wing Loan Santos Laguna Tijuana
Joffre Guerron Center Forward Transfer Cruz Azul UNAM Pumas
Mauro Formica Attacking Midfielder Transfer Cruz Azul UNAM Pumas
Othoniel Arce Center Forward Loan Monterrey Necaxa
Guido Rodriguez Defensive Midfielder Transfer Tijuana Club America
Yosgart Gutierrez Goalkeeper Loan Cruz Azul Necaxa
Alfonso Tamay Central Midfielder Loan UANL Tigres Lobos BUAP
Uvaldo Luna Center Forward Loan UANL Tigres Atlas
Christian Valdez Defensive Midfielder Loan Morelia Veracruz
Aaron Fernandez Goalkeeper Loan UANL Tigres Necaxa
William Palacios Center Forward Loan UANL Tigres Lobos BUAP
Jordan Silva Center Back Transfer Toluca Cruz Azul
Manuel Viniegra Defensive Midfielder Loan UANL Tigres Veracruz
Carlos Trevino Central Midfielder Loan Atlas Lobos BUAP
Juan Carlos Medina Central Midfielder Loan Tijuana Lobos BUAP
Antonio Briseno Center Back Loan UANL Tigres Veracruz
Milton Caraglio Center Forward Transfer Tijuana Atlas
Juan Carlos Garcia Sancho Center Back Loan Cruz Azul Lobos BUAP
Miguel Herrera Equihua Center Back Loan Pachuca Leon
Francisco Javier Rodriguez Center Back Loan Cruz Azul Lobos BUAP
Francisco Figueroa Central Midfielder Loan Morelia Pachuca
Alfonso Emilio Sanchez Center Forward Loan Club America Lobos BUAP
Osmar Mares Left Back Loan Club America Veracruz
Jose Rivas Center Back Loan UANL Tigres Veracruz
Julian Quinones Center Forward Loan UANL Tigres Lobos BUAP
Luis Advincula Right Back Loan UANL Tigres Lobos BUAP
Sebastian Sosa Goalkeeper Transfer Pachuca Morelia
Yair Urbina Goalkeeper Loan UANL Tigres Morelia
Bryan Colula Left Back Loan Club America Necaxa
Carlos Vargas Center Back Transfer Tijuana Club America
Felipe Rodriguez Goalkeeper Loan Morelia Leon
Amaury Escoto Center Forward Loan Queretaro Lobos BUAP
Sergio Perez Right Back Loan Venados Lobos BUAP
Juan Pablo Rodriguez Central Midfielder Loan Santos Laguna Morelia
Nestor Calderon Left Wing Transfer Santos Laguna UNAM Pumas
Erbin Trejo Central Midfielder Transfer Toluca Queretaro
Javier Cortes Attacking Midfielder Transfer UNAM Pumas Santos Laguna
Rodrigo Godinez Center Back Loan Morelia Lobos BUAP
Luis Enrique Quinones Left Wing Loan UANL Tigres Lobos BUAP
Luis Manuel Garcia Goalkeeper Loan Queretaro Toluca
Jesus Daniel Garcia Left Wing Loan Cruz Azul Toluca
David Toledo Defensive Midfielder Loan Chivas Puebla
Fabian Villasenor Goalkeeper Loan Morelia Puebla
Jonas Aguirre Left Midfielder Loan Necaxa Puebla
Jesus Escoboza Left Wing Loan Tijuana Puebla
Gerardo Rodriguez Left Back Loan Toluca Morelia
Franco Arizala Center Forward Loan Atlas Puebla
Ivan Piris Right Back Loan Monterrey Leon
Jose Daniel Guerrero Central Midfielder Loan Club America Puebla
Moises Munoz Goalkeeper Loan Club America Puebla
Erik Pimentel Center Back Loan Club America Puebla
Martin Barragan Center Forward Loan Atlas Necaxa
Alonso Zamora Center Back Loan UANL Tigres Puebla
Jose Antonio Rodriguez Goalkeeper Loan Chivas Tijuana
Brian Lozano Left Wing Loan Club America Santos Laguna
Carlos Orrantia Right Midfielder Loan Santos Laguna Club America
Angel Sepulveda Right Wing Transfer Queretaro Morelia
Draft Day Moves - June 7, 2017

Among the bigger moves, Edson Puch goes from Necaxa to Pachuca, Miguel Ponce goes from Chivas to Necaxa, and Xolos lost Aviles Hurtado to Monterrey, Guido Rodriguez and Carlos Vargas to America, and Milton Caraglio to Atlas.

Perhaps the bigger story however is the recently relegated Chiapas FC will not be participating in the 2017-18 Ascenso MX season according to Enrique Bonilla, the Liga MX and Ascenso MX Executive President. The club will look to “place all of the players who are in the inventory of the club” in today’s round of deals, and this has lead to rampant speculation of the winding down of the club - which itself is a sort of second iteration of the original Jaguares Chiapas, which moved to Queretaro in 2013 after that club was wound down.