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Official: Hector Moreno to AS Roma

A transfer that few saw coming, Moreno goes to Serie A

Soccer: Republic of Ireland vs Mexico Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, transfer rumors drag on for months before an actual move is made. However, sometimes clubs will surprise us and make a move for a player without showing their hand. Mexican fans woke up today to see that Hector Moreno is officially a player of AS Roma.

Moreno had just completed his second season at PSV with Andres Guardado and there were no rumors of his departure. It was assumed he would be there for next season but Roma’s new Sporting Director, Monchi, had other plans. Apparently, the former Sevilla man has had Moreno as a target for years but was finally able to pull the trigger. The reported fee is €5.7m per the Italian media. Monchi sees Moreno as a centerback they can build their defense around but acknowledges he can fill in at leftback if needed. The Mexican International has signed a 4 year deal through 2021. Moreno continues his European career that started with a move to AZ Alkmaar as a 19-year-old. He joins Gullit and Lalo Herrera as Mexicans who have been transferred to European clubs. Hopefully, they will soon be joined by Lozano and others.

Is this a good move for Moreno?