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Xolos 0, América 0: Highlights and box score

Just kidding, there were no highlights from this one.

Silvio Romero vs Chiapas

Tijuana has the most goals in Liga MX. América is reknowned for their high-powered offense. While you may have expected to see a knock-down, drag out goal bonanza - you were instead treated to a rather disappointing 0-0 draw.

Neither team posed much of a threat offensively, with ESPN FC recording only six shots on goal - all from Xolos. The teams did combine for 29 shots, although the good scoring chances were certainly few and far between.

In the 24th minute, Michael Orozco jump-kicked a ball to clear it, however he landed awkwardly, holding his hamstring. He was immediately subbed out for Hiram Muñoz.

América manager Ricardo La Volpe did himself no favors in quelling rumors that he would be replaced with Xolos manager Miguel Herrera. Though El Piojo is banned for three more matches, La Volpe was unable to crack Herrera’s defensive structure.

La Volpe may have created a problem for himself when he subbed out Miky Arroyo. Arroyo was seen throwing water bottles in frustration in the bench area, although it was unclear solely from the video who was on the receiving end of his ire.

The point moves Tijuana up to third place and América up to fifth, although expect both clubs to sink in the table by the end of the weekend.

Xolos: Gibran Lajud; Carlos Vargas, Michael Orozco (Hiram Muñoz, 24’), Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Damián Pérez; Guido Rodríguez, Joe Corona, Victor Malcorra; Paul Arriola (Matías Pisano, 73’), Avilés Hurtado, Milton Caraglio (Juan Lucero, 79’)

América: Agustín Marchesín; Osmar Mares, Erik Pimentel, Bruno Valdez, José Guerrero, Edson Álvarez; Michael Arroyo (Carlos Rosel, 61’), William da Silva, Diego Lainez; Oribe Peralta (Javier Güémez, 83’), Silvio Romero (Ricardo Marin, 73’)

Scoring: Xolos - None; América - None

Disciplinary: Xolos - Carlos Vargas (Yellow, 48’), Matías Pisano (Yellow, 82’); América - Michael Arroyo (Yellow, 20’), Erik Pimentel (Yellow, 34’), José Guerrero (Yellow, 82’), Javier Güémez (Yellow, 90’)