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Santos Laguna’s Uriel Antuna and Ronaldo Cisneros speak after Mexico’s U-20 clinch World Cup Spot

The Santos players spoke to us after Mexico beat El Salvador 6-1 and punched their ticket to the U-20 World Cup in South Korea

Santos Laguna players were key for the Mexico U-20 team that qualified to the World Cup. Uriel Antuna was seen by many as being the best player on the team. He dazzled through the first two games, and although he struggled in the next two, he came up big in the game against El Salvado, where he scored a hat-trick.

On the El Salvador game and his hat-trick:

Yes, thank god that we were able to get the ticket, but apart from the goals, it was a team effort. We all had a part in the goals, not just me.

Your performance was historic today but now comes the toughest part with the World Cup. What's your take on that challenge?

Like I said, it's a team effort and thank god we got the ticket. Being in a World Cup is an unforgettable experience and it's not going to be easy, but we're going to fight to finish in the top places.

Mexico's leading scored in competition was Ronaldo Cisneros. The Santos Laguna forward scored six goals in the tournament. His goals caught a lot of attention in an era where young Mexican forwards are in demand.

On the El Salvador performance after the loss to the United States:

Yes, it was a great game from the whole team, and we're very happy, especially for reaching our goal of getting to the World Cup. I'm also happy on the personal level to get my sixth goal and to have helped out the team.

On so many Santos Laguna players in the team scoring:

Yes, I'm very happy for Uriel and for Lalo (Eduardo Aguirre), who besides being teammates in Santos are also good friends. But whoever would have scored, if it helps the team, it doesn't matter which team they play for

On Mexico's youth history and how it feels to be part of that:

I'm very happy about it, as you say Mexico has won a lot of prestige in youth teams and we are very committed to doing something important in this World Cup in South Korea.

Your six goals caused a lot of noise in Mexico, in these times when there is a lot of talk about foreigners in Mexico and asking for a young scoring promise like yourself. What's your take on this?

In Mexico, they talk about a lot of foreigners in Mexico because it's the reality that the majority of the forward spots are being occupied by foreigners , but I think performances like this one show that the Mexican player has talent, not only me but everyone of my teammates. I believe that if they could give the Mexican player the benefit of the doubt we would have better results.

Finally, what do you expect in South Korea?

Personally, to keep helping the team with goals. The group objective is to transcend and why not win it because this team has worked in every camp to reach that goal.